• 500 Words About - ECCC

    I went to my first Emerald City ComiCon, yesterday. This doesn’t sound like such an achievement but since I pretty much stopped going to soccer games last season because of the crowds and the chaos I was unsure about whether ECCC was something I was up for. I’ve been to PAX a couple times, and expected it to be very similar. I was completely wrong, much to my joy. The age range felt much more diverse, rather than being pegged firmly towards the low end, and there were so many other women around!
  • Review: Hawkeye 1

    This week has been… tricky so far but I don’t really want to talk about it. Instead, lets talk about how Marvel put out a new Hawkeye comic starring the one, the only, Kate Bishop! I’ve been super excited about this coming out for the month or so that I’ve known it was coming. Right up until yesterday, when I read Marvel’s blurb about it. Even cute! Between the “adorable” on the cover, and the phrase “the chick who puts the hawk in Hawkeye”, I was a little concerned that the book would be more eye-candy ridiculous than an actual story with meat on it.
  • Life Through A Marvel Lens

    You can tell a lot about how I am doing on any given day, by looking at what I am wearing. For a long time, it was just my socks - purple dinosaur knee socks were a sure indicator that something was feeling shaky, yellow elephants friendship socks might mean I was feeling alone. These days, it’s gone a bit further. I’m a bandaid & some purple aviators away from dressing as Hawkeye at least once a week, and if the right bits aren’t clean, I’ll at least wear the purple Chucks.
  • Vignettes in the Life of Rachael

    I started therapy with a therapist whose primary approach is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, rather than “just” check-ins with my prescribing doctor about my moods & how the meds are going, in early February. That shit is HARD. I’ve heard “lets look at it a different way” and “But what if it wasn’t?” a LOT, recently. Lots about self-care, and ways to basically hack my life and manage expectations so that I feel better about where I am now, rather than frustrated about where I could be.