How I’m addressed has always kind of been a thing, for me. When I was little, I had a friend who, in the span of a week, went from calling me Rachael, to Rachie, to Ray-cheese, to Stinky Cheese, to Limburger. So, there’s that. For most of my life I’ve insisted on using my full name. I even insist on my full complement of vowels, which is challenging, since the biblical spelling was much more popular. There are a few people who I’ve given “special dispensation” for shortened names, but you’ve had to be close to me and pretty well trusted to get the privilege, mostly.

I just had my 35th birthday this month, and have been working on getting up on the “fuck it, I’ll do what I want” bandwagon. I tried eye makeup for the first time ever, although there were… lets say unexpected challenges due to the severity of my vision impairment. I’ve been making and wearing my own dresses. I cut all my long hair off, and have been rocking the spiky boy-cut for 6 or so months. All in all, I’ve been settling more comfortably into my own skin and identity. Took long enough!

Part of that has been finally adopting a nickname of my own choosing. Conveniently, the Star Wars continuity decided to help me out with this “what do I want to be called?” question (rather than “what will I tolerate being called”), by releasing a new Star Wars movie with a charming brunette by the name of Rey! It’s feminine, it’s short, it’s the first syllable of the name I already have! I love it! (Also, Poe makes little hearts float over my head. 💕)

To be clear, since folks have asked, I am NOT changing my name. I will still answer to Rachael, and if you’re comfortable calling me that then feel free to change absolutely nothing! All will be well. If you’ve got the hankering to shorten my name I do not mind at all, but please go for Rey rather than Rach! I would much rather be a Jedi than stinky cheese!