I started therapy with a therapist whose primary approach is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, rather than “just” check-ins with my prescribing doctor about my moods & how the meds are going, in early February. That shit is HARD. I’ve heard “lets look at it a different way” and “But what if it wasn’t?” a LOT, recently. Lots about self-care, and ways to basically hack my life and manage expectations so that I feel better about where I am now, rather than frustrated about where I could be. It’s an ongoing process, and it can feel so overwhelming.

I have discovered that it’s okay, even encouraged, to bring my knitting to therapy. When I forget, there’s tiny robots, silly putty, puzzles to occupy my hands, so my voice can go, but I like making progress in something while I’m hopefully making progress in something else. My spare office sock project has migrated into my car so I always have something simple to work on.

I went to Disneyland with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law last week. I had a lot of fun for myself - I love spending time with my sis, my bro-in-law is a good guy with a big heart, and I enjoy letting myself not be an Adult for awhile. I remembered I enjoy rollercoasters, although the adrenaline and fear felt a lot like the beginnings of anxiety attacks. The Tower of Terror, in particular, held me there for Too Long and left me in a not-great spot when I got off. I recovered pretty quickly, at least.

Disneyland was a lot harder to be in than California Adventure, because there were a lot of “aw, mom loved this one” land-mines. I have a lot of vivid memories of me and her from when I was young, apparently, that were just waiting to be stirred up. Going to the new park that hadn’t existed on my last family trip was a relief, because I could just relax and enjoy what we were doing.

John has a horrifying collection of pictures of me making faces on roller-coasters. Dignity was NOT preserved. I did, however, make some new purse-friends, and am pretty excited about it. Hawkeye says “Every day is not a party”. Sister found him for me, specially, after my random surprise pack had 4 of 6 Avengers, but no Clint!

The Reign had their pre-season match versus the UW women’s team on Saturday, just after I got home. I almost didn’t go - vacation and being an actual human being for a whole week is hard work - but I’m glad I did, because I got to see my first good look at Manon Melis and Carson Pickett, and re-touch base with old favorites like Keelin Winters and Beverly Yanez. This season is going to be so much fun!

Between Disney and Emerald City Comic Con, I was compelled to go poke my Comixology account, and pick up a few new books. The 2012-2015 Matt Fraction/David Aja/Javier Pulido Hawkeye books were really good, and were a comfortable bite-sized amount of superhero that you don’t need a lot of back-story to follow. There’s Clint, there’s Kate, they shoot arrows at things and their life is a ridiculous wreck. You’re set, go read!

I’m giving the new lady-Thor a chance, although I’m not sure she’s singing to me in quite the same way. It’s nothing to do with her lady-ness, and everything to do with the authors continually teasing me about who she is. Tell me, tease the other characters, so I feel in on the secret, not frustrated, please!

Any other suggestions for self-contained story-lines I should consume? (I’m aware of but behind on the lovely Saga, and The Wicked and the Divine, Lumber Janes, and Rat Queens are all already on the list!)