I got stuck at the end of Never Alone, and was sobbing into twitter in hopes of some help. What I got instead was… well. Names of the innocent have been changed – aka no one’s. SHAMEEEE!

Me: …Help! I’m stuck in Never Alone! the damn tree won’t go!

Greg: Just tell it to leave…

Me: boo, sir. Just… boo.

Greg: yew were pine-ing for an answer so I just thought I’d sequoia what I could do…

Curt: of fir the love of peach. Don’t teak this too far.

Me: I hate you all.

Tom: You guys just can’t needle her enough, can you? You’re showing your roots… branch out a little, maybe.

Me: h8 h8 h8!

Andrea: olive these tree puns. They’ve me had to cypress a giggle. Go fig…

Me: sob

Curt: viburnum all in one thread? My wife says I should stop under pine of death

Me: You have my permission to act on my behalf! ;)