• Shadow of Mordor’s Lady Problem

    Shadow of Mordor has a serious lady problem. The game is missing having much in the way of lady characters at all, and when they do, they’re dissatisfying, to say the least. As a way to avoid doing a lot of explaining, here’s an article about the representation of women in the game, and here’s one discussing what they did about it. So, here’s where we are. We have a game where the first woman you see is a character who only exists to be brutally murdered on-screen along with her child, as a way to motivate the main character.
  • I’ll Just Be Over Here Dying of Pun-itis

    I got stuck at the end of Never Alone, and was sobbing into twitter in hopes of some help. What I got instead was… well. Names of the innocent have been changed – aka no one’s. SHAMEEEE! Me: …Help! I’m stuck in Never Alone! the damn tree won’t go! Greg: Just tell it to leave… Me: boo, sir. Just… boo. Greg: yew were pine-ing for an answer so I just thought I’d sequoia what I could do…
  • Loving Flawed Things - Persona 4 Golden

    I got a PS Vita recently. Brianna Wu has been talking up Danganronpa 2 so much I genuinely couldn’t resist, and a co-worker has been praising the console for ages. Right now I’m playing Persona 4 Golden, although Danganronpa 1 is waiting for me on my coffee table. I’ve been aware of the Persona series, and Atlas games in general, through a friend who speaks Japanese and has a deep and abiding love for RPGs, so when I went to buy my Vita and Danganronpa, I also threw Persona 4 Golden into my cart.