• I Can Do It Myself

    I wrote most of this earlier this week except the conclusion, mostly because I hadn’t come to one yet. It’s amazing what a difference a few days make – I’m in a completely different place right now, as you can see from the final paragraph. Keep plugging, friends, things don’t stay hard forever. I’ve been struggling this last couple weeks, I was out of town visiting my adorable brand-new nephew and helping my sister and her husband out, then my husband was out of town, attending a wedding.
  • Thank You

    Thanks for letting me set the level of interaction I needed, without making me feel like I was putting anyone out or rejecting anyone. Thanks for not making a big deal out of my not drinking. Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone in my anxieties, and that it’s okay to have things make me feel insecure. Thank you for including me into your family with open arms, even when I didn’t know what to do with them all!
  • I’ll Just Be Over Here Dying of Pun-itis

    I got stuck at the end of Never Alone, and was sobbing into twitter in hopes of some help. What I got instead was… well. Names of the innocent have been changed – aka no one’s. SHAMEEEE! Me: …Help! I’m stuck in Never Alone! the damn tree won’t go! Greg: Just tell it to leave… Me: boo, sir. Just… boo. Greg: yew were pine-ing for an answer so I just thought I’d sequoia what I could do…