• It Is Your Destiny!

    One of the more surreal conversations I’ve had lately, was with my DM and fellow Pathfinding roleplaying nerd, Dave (edited for spelling)… Rachael:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wyrmwood/the-wyrmwood-magnetic-game-master-screen … just showing you this… Dave: aaaaaaa! Dave: Why must you tempt me soooooo Dave: haha Rachael: because I am an evil person Dave: It’s true. ;_; Dave: evil in the best way, of course Rachael: haha Rachael: it’s a finely honed skill, developed over generations
  • Some Pathfinder Hijinx

    Today I got an email from my DM, which I wanted to share with you, ‘cuz it brightened my day (along with my smart-ass comments). Since the beginning of this campaign, I’ve been giving names to each of our sessions as if they were episodes of a show or chapters of a book. Tonight will be Episode 27: Two Boats are Better Than One. Especially if one is stolen from your (my) personal enemy and can’t safely dock in any port nearby!