One of the more surreal conversations I’ve had lately, was with my DM and fellow Pathfinding roleplaying nerd, Dave (edited for spelling)…

Rachael: … just showing you this…

Dave: aaaaaaa!

Dave: Why must you tempt me soooooo

Dave: haha

Rachael: because I am an evil person

Dave: It’s true. ;_;

Dave: evil in the best way, of course

Rachael: haha

Rachael: it’s a finely honed skill, developed over generations

Dave: vintage evil!

Rachael: passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation

Rachael: (oh god, my aunt really is kind of evil…)

Dave: hahaha

Dave: Oh no! The prophecy is writing itself, it’s out of your hands now

Rachael: woe is me, I guess I shall have to send tempting things to people on the internet

Dave: can’t do much about predestination! solemn nod

Rachael: my destiny to be a the chosen one

Dave: hey, at least it pays well! in the souls of the lost……..

Rachael: exchange rate is shit, though

Dave: right :/ like Zimbabwe dollars

Rachael: only heavier

Dave: can barely even fit one in a suitcase

Dave: I don’t know who decided they were currency

Rachael: although opening a briefcase of them does do the cool glow like Pulp Fiction

Dave: haha, true :D

Dave: that’s a perk

Rachael: (what the heck even just happened here)

Dave: I don’t know, but I blame Zimbabwe

Dave: oh also! Did you see the twitter account?

Rachael: omg I did I saw one earlier & died of joy :D

Dave: thought you might get a kick out of it

Dave: hahaha, right?

Dave: It’s kinda creepy!

Rachael: I can’t read Red Skull w/o hearing the voice of Cobra Commander ether

Rachael: which layers a whole ‘nother layer of wat on top

Dave: (now can’t unhear that either… xD)

Rachael: :D:D

Rachael: see above. ;)