• Creative Process - Knit Design

    Today I think I’m going to do a bit of show and tell, about a project I’ve been working on. A couple buddies of mine are really really excited about the Nintendo Switch that released last Friday. This means it was Wednesday when their Switch carrying cases arrived at the office, and neither gentleman was particularly enthralled. At this point Tim looked over at me, knowing I was a knitter, and asked if I took commissions.
  • 100 Words About - Resting

    Today was a break from everything, after a stressful week, and as a way to psych myself up for stepping outside my comfort zone tomorrow. Taking care of myself is hard and sometimes it means having a silly day watching Supergirl and knitting. I finished some color work that’s been “hanging” over my head, had a milkshake, and played pretend-farming. It was really good. Tomorrow, I’ll go spend time with people, eat snacks, watch famous people wear impractical clothing, and hopefully have fun.
  • 500 Words About - Knitting

    A twitter buddy of mine is committing to writing 500 words a day on some topic, and invited others to join her. Feel free to write alongside us, exercise those grammar muscles, and do a little wordsmithing. The hashtag on twitter is #500wordsAbout. I learned to knit from a friend at work. I saw it as a way to bond with other women I respected, to learn something new, and to get to play with soft and pretty things.
  • Pizza Hat Knitting Pattern

    This ribbed and bobbled hat with simple cables and knit-on i-cord came about as a present for a friend who is well known for his unique and enthusiastic relationship with that food we all know and love: pizza! He spends a lot of time out in the cold, and I wanted him to be warm while repping that cheesy goodness, and thus: the pizza love hat! Download PDF Version Here.
  • Christmas Knitting Is (Finally) Done!

    When I’m done knitting something, and I’ve finished it all up, woven in the ends, sewed the armpits, washed and blocked it, and done all the fiddly bits, there’s always a moment when I want to run a victory lap around the house. When it’s New Years Eve, and I’m working on Christmas (aka deadline) knitting, and everything came together exactly as I intended, well… some bragging may be in order.
  • Knit City 2014

    I was off in Vancouver this weekend, doing one of the nerdiest things imaginable. I travelled, internationally, to go to a knitting conference. This was my first solo trip out of the country, my first solo yarn adventure, and really the first time I’d done anything all by myself, in a long time. I won’t say it was a COMPLETE success, personally speaking, but I did alright. :)  But, this isn’t about me and my social anxieties, this is about me sharing a ton of awesome stuff!