When I’m done knitting something, and I’ve finished it all up, woven in the ends, sewed the armpits, washed and blocked it, and done all the fiddly bits, there’s always a moment when I want to run a victory lap around the house. When it’s New Years Eve, and I’m working on Christmas (aka deadline) knitting, and everything came together exactly as I intended, well… some bragging may be in order.

My big goal was to get a pair of sweaters made for my nephews, who are 2 months and 4 years old, respectively. By December 13th, I had the beginnings of the smaller sweater on needles, and looking ridiculously adorable. It came together over a weekend, mostly. Huzzah for 1-skein quick projects!

Samuel’s older brother Arthur’s sweater was another story. It ended up taking twice as much yarn, and was quite an adventure in gauge. It took 3 tries to start it in the correct pattern size and needle combination to get a sweater that was the right dimensions for a boy his age. In the end, I ended up knitting the 12 year old size, and came out with the dimensions for the 4 year old size. I really don’t understand what happened there, especially since the pattern author also used the same brand of yarn, but there you go, one of the adventures of knitting! I am particularly excited about the little blue airplane buttons we got to go on this one, although I feel a little bad for Artie’s mom, because they catch a bit on the button-hole because of their shape.

Thirdly, I’ve been sick, so while marathon-ing all 8 Harry Potter movies, I knit my husband a hexadot scarf. I need to steal it back and block it and photograph it, it’s got more curl to it than I expected. I had a blast with the tassels on the ends. The pattern is really smart about how to keep them the same size, and they were fun to twist up and watch appear.

Lastly, and this one isn’t on a schedule, so I’m okay with it not being done, I’m working on a surprise for someone, so one teaser picture is all you get! It’s alpaca and so cozy!

I hope that your holiday crafting was as successful and relatively painless as mine was, that all your buttons stay in place, and your ends stay woven in, that everything fits, and nothing felts that wasn’t intended to!