• We're women, not idiots

    That was my response when I enjoyed the second of TWO ridiculous articles that appeared on ESPN’s site directed at women, espnw.com. The first was a guide to drafting for fantasy football. For those who may not know, fantasy sports generally involve you collecting players from around the league onto your team and earning points based on the individual performance of those players. It’s a fun way to stay engaged in the rest of the league, and adds excitement to games where your home team isn’t a participant, but your fantasy team may have members.
  • When Important Things Contradict Each Other, Then What?

    I’m a big soccer fan, of both the men’s and women’s games. I hold season tickets to both my local MLS and NWSL teams, actively watch the National teams whenever possible, and in general follow as much of the game as I have time for. I’ve explained offsides to more people than I have fingers, have brought a whole bevy of friends and co-workers to games, and done my level best to grow the love of the game with whoever I meet.