• Git Followup

    I got an amazing array of answers to my question, and I thought I would share with you all, the answer I was looking for, care of Nathan Corvino, among others. The initial error, about updating the current branch of a working copy is denied because it will make the index and and work tree inconsistent, and will require a git reset --hard to fix it, is there to prevent you from forcing changes over someone else’s local work.
  • Git And I Don't See Eye To Eye

    Some background: I’ve been an Subversion user for 12 or so years now. I understand the model, I can, with a little patience, get it to dance to my every whim. The model of a centralized bucket of ‘truth’ that I can push changes to from my local working copy is one that clicks with me. My buddy Tim keeps trying to explain the concepts of git, and each time I think I get it a little more, but it’s still pretty intimidating.