• Nothing Is Easy, But Don't Give Up

    Hi, I am doing better this week, in case you were concerned! Shit is hard, and it sucks sometimes, but it ends. In other words, fuck depression. In other news, my weeks (months?) long yak-shaving adventure has finally come to fruition! In case you’re curious, yak-shaving is a story about how little problems can lead to big ones if you’re not careful. It goes like this: moo. Once upon a time, there was a coder diligently working in their office.
  • 500 Words About - Contemplating A New Hobby

    I have a couple of friends who sew as a hobby. They’re both always sharing cool things they’ve made for themselves, playing with fun and creative colors, and making and modifying really individual pieces of clothing. I’ve been fascinated by their skills but pretty comfortable with not joining them in picking up another hobby that requires storing textiles, having multiple pieces of hardware, and a table upon which to place them.