So, my friend Christina has a serious love-affair with pork rinds. She has a local bar that makes them in-house, and they are apparently mana from heaven. You know, in fried pig-bit form. Now, I’m not PARTICULARLY a fan of pork-rinds myself, but far be it from me to cast aspersions on someone else’s snack-preferences. What I WILL gently mock, though, is her attempts to express her love via emoji. This was Christina’s initial attempt at pork rinds in emoji: 🐽🍋.

me: Pig Lemon!

Christina: well it’s kinda like a rind? HOW DO YOU RIND IN EMOJI

My suggestion, which I felt pretty damn smart about, was 🐷🍿. Pork rinds are light and fluffy and snacky, just like popcorn. I would rather have used potato chips, but couldn’t find an emoji for them (hint hint, standards folks!).

Do you guys have any better ideas? I’d love to hear them!!